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SafetyPass Pro Driver Comments

Professional Drivers Talk about the SafetyPass Pro speed governor control system for big rigs...

Unsolicited testimony from Professional, Experienced, Seasoned Truck Drivers from around the world that have taken the time to share their thoughts and experiences regarding the SafetyPass Pro Speed governor Control System for Big Rigs.

SafetyPass Pro Speed Governor Control Systems for Big Rigs Only

These top-notch professionals consider this unique speed governor control system an indispensable part of their Professional driving tool kit.

These are the folks that are concerned about truck speed, passing safety and protecting the motoring public from harm.

If you are an owner of the SafetyPass Pro and care to share your adventures please email us here: Service@FasterTruck.com. Of course, all names and other identifiers will always be omitted per our privacy policy

05/30/15 - I'd like to say Thank y'all so very much for the product y'all provide. It puts the driver in control of the truck instead of the truck controlling the driver! I love the product and it works great! - USA

08/10/14 - I just wanted to thank you. Your Big Rig Truck Speed Governor Calibrator With Installation Kit is the best money I have ever spent, and will probably ever spend. Unbelievable, thank you again. I will definitely put the word out. - USA

06/30/14 - Just ordered the new XM7 safetypass pro a few weeks ago and it works perfectly, when I first installed it the speedometer would not work and would not keep record of my miles so I pulled over and read the trouble shooting tips and the next step was to install the little filter on one of the connections to the box, after that it work perfectly. Everything worked including the cruise control. I got tired of doing 64mph and having a line of cars behind me as I was trying to pass another truck governed close to my same speed.  There's a tiny brass screw that let's you adjust your speed, it is set at a 4% increase from when you first install it which brought my truck up to 68 and the app on my phone that uses gps, speed signs that detect your speed and by my rpm,  my speedo still reads 64 but doing 68, so I adjusted the brass screw and dialed it in to 70mph and now I can actually take my 30 min break and be where I need to be and not lose any time. I told a friend that drives a truck for the same company and he will be getting his soon. This is not a scam, it truly works. I was skeptical at first and was afraid to try it with all the scams on the Internet, there was just one thing I wish they had was a number to call customer service but I did email them and got a very fast response right back. I  advise you to try it, it's worth every penny and it has paid for itself in 2 weeks because I get paid by the load, time is money. - USA

05/22/14 - Ok boss, Very good of your XM7 product as my ud truck with volvo engine work with your device i very happy thanks. Wonderful! - Singapore

07/30/13 - Thank you for your device. for the first time that I bought something on tv, online etc that actually works. thanks again. - USA

03/04/2013 - I have had my Safety Pass Pro for several years. Now, I couldn't be without it!  I ran for a company that had my truck governed at 62 mph. They had so many different trucks that they really didn't even know it was solow. I was doing a dedicated run of 720 miles per day, and they had NO idea! They DID however have satellite tracking on their trucks, which busted me doing 75 in a 65, and a safety write up. My buddy at the shopwarned me that when I got in they would read my ECM and to take off my Safety Pass Pro..which I did. (1 minute) True to form, there was no record on the ECM that I was going any faster than 62. The terminal mgr came out andsaid let's go for a ride, I'll drive. Anything you want to tell me before we do? I said, if you get it above 62 I'll quit.If you can't, YOU'LL buy lunch. Logan's Steak House had a great lunch that day, and they dismissed my write up! (True story)

Here's a couple of helpful tips;
I installed a temporary on/off switch on the satellite, so after I sent in my load info I shut it off so I could run without being tracked. I knew when it updated, so use your discretion.  ( I also wrote it up constantly for not functioning correctly!)
The truck I'm in now is governed at 65. All the interstates I run are 70 mph speed limit. By running 75 most of the time,after 10 or 11 hours I've gain approximately 100 more miles and better than an hour more in legal log time DAILY!My SPP has paid for itself MANY times over in more miles and more loads. Always remember, don't run faster than you can slow down in time when your bird dog barks. And, never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly! Be safe!  
Thanks ALWAYS Faster Truck ! - USA

2/10/13 - I just bought and installed my device, and I'll tell you, it made my C15 Cat into an apex predator.  Turned a little pussy cat into a full mane lion. Roarrr! Thanks! - USA

2/7/13 - I been frustrated for years at my company's set truck speed . This product paid for it self in 1 day as far as I'm concerned. It works better than advertised, and I now enjoy driving my truck again! Thank you so much for a great product! - USA

7/19/12 - Hey guys, Thanks heaps for making this awsum product! It makes my life so much easier!!!! And the shipping speed was incredible! Great work. - AUS

3/12/12 - First let me say, i am sorry for doubting you guys for the 2 years it took me to actually pull the trigger and buy. but oh wow am i ever so glad i bought it. running from florida to cali in 10 days at 65 was long, but with your device doing 10 mph faster, it gave me so much more time to sleep and be with my family. thank you so much. - USA

9/30/11 - I Received my unit and hooked it up and it works great thank you guys so much and will refer you to others... Thanks again - USA

8/24/11 - Received my SafetyPass Pro today, put it in this morning and i now have the BIGGEST SMILE on the highway, thank you so so much! You are a bloody legend mate. - Australia

8/19/11 - I received my Safety Pass in 2 days! Exceptional shipping and Customer Service. I was on a 1400 mile run and could not wait to get home and do the install on my 2011 International ProStar. It works as advertised! My install took about an hour because i routed the wiring through the main harness and under the dash. Took it for a test run after calibration and was amazed! My 65 mph truck will now turn 2100 RPM in top gear. Not that i will ever need that much or ever run that fast but man it will be nice to pass and not get hung out to dry in the left lane! - USA

7/7/11 - lovin the speedpass. best 280 i ever spent. instant relief - USA

3/15/11 - Thanx for this awesome device, have had mine for 3 yrs now over here in Aus and it has helped me out on numerous occasions when used in the right manner its worth its weight in gold never had any speeding fines just common sense bit of courtesy around others mate and you can just cruise along undetected but you can crack if you feel the need. Cheers A Kiwi in OZ - Australia

02/24/11 - I recently purchased the SafetyPass Pro and I wanna say thank you. I've been searching for a device that has the capabilities similar to your product for a while but only heard of it a few months ago. Customer service was excellent. I love the updated emails and the tracking of the device thru USPS. Thanks again, and I will recommend you to anyone I know. My uncle may be ordering one in a few weeks. Very Satisfied - USA

10/10/10 - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I was able to speed up and avoid a nasty crash with a drunk driver swerving in to my trailer tandems. There was inches to spare, and I was already on the shoulder line.Had I slowed there would have been a lot of pictures and paper work. Again Thank You. - USA

7/7/10 - Yes, everything is working great! The only problem I was having was that I kept bumping the knob, but I figured out a way to take care of that. I got myself a tube of silicone, and after I set the knob, I squirt some silicone RTV under the corner of the knob and let it dry. Now it doesnt move and if I have to I can just peel it out, reset it, and squeeze a little more in there. The safety pass pro is great! Before, I couldn't stand being without it. Now, it's the best tool on the truck! In doing the math, just by bringing the truck to the speed limit (3mph for me) thats 30 extra miles in a 10 hour shift. It pays for itself in 10 days. For me, the first time I actually used it, I had a load that was preloaded. The trailer had issues and made me run behind. If I had to run at the governors set speed, I never would have made it. Having the safety pass, I was able to run at the speed limit, get to my drop, get rid of that stupid trailer and get another load. So, it actually paid for itself on the first use :) Thanks for everything! Keep up the good work, your a lifesaver!
I'll be sure to recommend you to others. - USA

6/30/10 - gidday derrick what a great product i drive roadtrains in western australia no more gettin stuck behind grey nomads in there wobblys (caravans) i have it hooked up to a western star 6900 series with a c16 under the bonnet even with 3 trailers swingin off the back the star still gets up an boogies ive just got hm from a hotshot only took 18 hrs compared to the normal 22 hrs thanks to your great product me an my mates have a nickname for it the american express cos you never leave home without it ha ha ok cheers once again cya - AUS

5/24/10 - This thing is great, no more 4 wheelers telling me I'm number 1 for blocking the hammer lane because it takes two or three miles to pass another slow truck. - USA

5/2/10 - Just dropping you a line to let you know your safety speed pass pro works great on my new Freightliner Cascadia with the new dd-15 Detroit, so you can add the dd-15 to your advertisement confirmed WORKING. Thanks again for all your help, you make my life a lot better! - USA

4/3/10 - Hello, Just needed to drop you a line and tell you what a great investment the SafteyPass Pro is... I put it on my '09 Peterbilt with a Cummins and it just fell in place, super easy to install, and it works great, as soon as I got mine, my buddy got one for his truck. - USA

2/20/10 - Just a word of thanks for a great product, we have installed it on a 2007 western star an it works great. the installation procedure was very easy & your delivery service is fantastic! (I placed order on a thursday and got it 5 days later in Australia) thank you again. - AUS

12/24/09 - I just wanted to say thanks for such a great product. If I didn't have your product I would never have caught up to the truck who side swiped me to get his information so his ins. would have to pay the $8,500 in damage he caused thanks again.. thanks from a FTE (Full,Trucker,Effect) - USA

11/22/09 - Let me start by thanking all you Guys for coming up with such a Slick product. I purchased one Recently and I'm very happy with It. Best money I've ever spent for sure.
Thanks again.... - USA

10/14/09 - Tanks for the saffetyPass. Every think is correct with the standard instalation kit. It's easy to used. Sorry I dont give you my news before... I dont know if my english is correct... it more easy in french for me... I give the information about your product at every person ask me. With the new law in Québec and Ontario you business shoult be good, with the Canada. - Canada

8/20/09 - I had your device installed by my mecanic (in my home shop). He thinks this device is a brillant invention (of course, so do I). On my 07 Kenworth, I have spare toggle switches with hydro. I bought a cig lighter plug, wired it to a spare switch, pre set the device to around 103 kph and siliconed the adjust knob so it would not move. It is installed in the dash. Out of sight, out of mind. The switch is right at my finger tips-easy off, easy on and it shuts off with the key.I ve checked for heat build up and the inside of the dash is vented good. It took me a couple of days to learn how to use it and when to use it and I can honestly say it helps me get up those rolling hills of ky and tn much easier. Thanks for your interest Derrick I ll keep you up dated on how im doing. - Canada

06/27/09 - Ok Derrick, It's time to get busy and come up with a SafetyPassPro for automatics. I bought one from you about four years ago and what a blessing it's been. Now I'm in a 2010 Peterbilt with a fully automatic Cummins engine & can't use my SafetyPass anymore! Talk about close calls! Too many too count and only in a couple of weeks. Come on, times are a changin' and I need to get goin'. I know you can do it! But hurry. I'm in a totally different world of professional driving without the advantage of my SafetyPassPro! - USA

06/22/09 - Hey Derrick, Thanks for the reply. After dishing out some money getting some RCA extensions, I got the device to reach the cab. However, my device still didn't work. As I crawled under the truck to get the type of transmission my truck has I looked around in depseration hoping I had perhaps gotten the wrong sensor. Would you believe that I had the device plugged into the front drive axle? Wow! I noticed the transmission directly under the cab and hooked up to that. The length is perfect I didn't need any extensions and most of all I am up to speed! Thanks very much man. Its time to get home early enough to chase my wife around the house! I apologize for being a goof. Take care. - USA

12/28/08 - hi derrick, thanks for the all the best to you and your family .......thanks to you we were able to have a xmas on time this year- my wife and i drive .approx. 8400 km a week. We have stretches where for 1-2 hours you don't have any traffic etc. The device is easy to fit and once its tuned its just so simple. Fuel is a 100 litres more -that's acceptable. There is very little fatigue as all senses are aware. Once again thanks. - AUS

12/27/08 - I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a fine product. This unit is what I`ve been looking for and it works perfectly. Thank you, thank you, and thank you so very much, peace. - USA

11/20/08 - Just wanted to let you know just how impressed I am with Safety Pass Pro. I've been using it for about 6 months now and It was the best money I ever spent! No problems rounding up all those slow ass cars that sit about 10 Kms under the limit now! It's made my job far less stressfull and can really wake you up if your tired and want a burst for a while. I can't thank you enough. It took about 5 mins to install and It works great! - AUS

11/02/08 - Since the introduction of speed limiters in Aus the number of drivers falling asleep at the wheel and crashing has leapt into the stratosphere. That combined with the fact that these regulations have driven many of the real ‘pro operators’ out of the industry and seen them replaced with inexperienced goons makes our hi-ways more dangerous than ever! On that note, I must thank you for your device saving my life recently. Literally. I was involved in a dangerous situation (caused by a car) which resulted in a multi vehicle fatality. Thanks to the safety pass pro I was able to pass the trucks involved and witness the whole thing in my rear view mirror! The driver of the truck that I passed seconds before was sadly killed in the collision. That would have been me, making the device the best money I ever spent. That was a big shock to me and has only strengthened my resolve to rely on my own instincts rather than regulations to keep it safe. I don’t consider myself a ‘cowboy’ but I want to drive the truck, not just steer it and hope for the best. - AUS


10/24/08 - all the boys love them makes the job easyer - AUS

9/14/08 - hi, just a quick note to say everything is working good and the unit makes the job more enjoyable and fun like it used to be. - USA

08/18/08 - Thanks for a great product that works and is well made. It saves me between one and two hours per day by just staying close to the speed limit. When a company turns down a truck so low that you dread going to work, its time to find a new line of work or do something about it. I have more than twenty five years driving experience with over three million miles and no accidents. After turning down the truck, my close calls more than doubled. Turning down a truck looks good on paper, but it creates more problems than it solves. For any drivers still thinking about getting a safetypass pro. It works very well, and the time you save it will pay for itself in a week. The stress and aggravation you save is priceless. - USA

07/23/08 - First let me thank you for all of your help on getting the box to work. The MP 280 adapter was exactly what I needed. Second I LOVE THIS THING...... Thanks - USA

06/22/08 - Thanks for this! I was hesitant to order at first but it honestly was the best buck I spent in my 10 year driving career. Now I don't have to hear older drivers telling me to "take my time" and be slow and safe, when I can pace myself at any speed. We are drivers, not wheel holders, and not babies! I also can get home faster if needed, like many four wheelers do, if need be. It's a cut-throat industry and if you have an angle on other drivers not willing to help another, than keep it to yourself and haul ass with the safety pass pro! - USA

06/12/08 - hi i would like to thank you for the holy grail for truck drivers what an awsome product flick a switch to get round someone or to make up some time and shes full noise flick it back back to normal absolutely awsome .i was so scepticle if it would work as good as you said but i rekon it works better takes me 1min to hook up or take appart.the postage was so fast i ordered thursday afternoon arived tues morning in australia brilliant thank you again - Australia

06/05/08 - thank you very much i really appreciate that you have no idea how happy iam that i found this site. ill be sending alot of people your way theres alot of people in aus screaming for this. - Australia

01/20/08 - Folks this thing just works period, if you are tired of everybody harassing you every time you attempt to pass another truck, then the SafetyPass Pro if for you. We can now make our deliveries on time and still have time to stop and eat a decent meal. - USA

11/06/07 - We just wanted to say thank you for being a very honest person,and sorry for taking so long to order but you just dont no who you can trust.we will have plenty more orders for you.and thank you for letting us order this item from you.you just cant find it just any where thats for sure.thanx once again. - USA

10/30/07 - My wife and I team drive coast to coast and our truck would top out at 64 and when I installed the SafetyPass Pro on the truck we cut a ton of time off. We cruise at about 75-76 and make up about 200 miles per 24 hr day vs that turtle like 64. This device works and it is absolutely a life saver for getting more rest because you can do the speed limit and pass safely. You guys are our heros and I gotta say the absolute best tech support I have ever seen. So look for a lot more orders the word is out and folks are wanting your product. - USA

09/25/07 - Thanks for a great product, I have been using my current pro for a couple of years now and love every minute and mph it has provided. - USA

07/03/07 - I just want to say this thing works just as described and has added features such as being able to idle all day during the heat and not showing up on your idle time!!! Not to mention the ability to drive 75mph interstate at +or-5 mph of course, AT THE SPEED LIMIT!!!!! No matter what your company!!!! And let me tell you, an unbridled 400atx cummins is a different beast! The difference in the hills is not a mere 10-20mph, I'm telling u i can crest a hill at up to 75% faster with this device!!!!! Rap up a cummins 2 1800 or so going into a hill and see how far she pulls!!!! - USA

06/25/07 - I use this thing to make quick, clean, safe passes of slower vehicles. It KICKS ASS! I just flip a switch and right away I got 80 mph. When I'm done passing I turn it off and I'm back to my 65 cruise speed. It takes a lot of the risk out of passing. Sometimes I used to get stuck out in the hammer lane when I was trying to pass somebody that keeps speeding up when I get along side of them and faster traffic is coming up behind me. This used to be an impossible situation for me until I got this device. Now it's a piece of cake. I would highly recommend all career drivers get this device to make passing safer and less stressful. - USA

05/15/07 - I've been using the speed increaser device for almost a year now. I can tell you, there is nothing like being able to flip a switch and power up to 80 mph so I pass. I run alot of two lane road and before I got this thing I just had suck it up and stay behind slow, novice truck drivers that were not trained good. Now I just blow by them, no hassle, no stress and a hell of alot safer for oncoming traffic. I also use it to get a run for hills. It makes a big difference hitting the bottom of a saddle at maximum speed, I just go right up the other side in half the time. - USA

05/10/07 - I did a permanent wiring installation on my truck, a 1998 Freightliner Columbia. I've been using the device for about 3 months now. I ran the wire harness through the firewall by drilling a half inch hole directly above the throttle pedal and routing the RCA plugs under the cup holder. The installation looks factory and everything matches perfectly. The trucks been in the shop for service several times for normal crap and no one has said a thing. The device has been working great and I am really glad I have it. The thing I really like about it is that it is fully adjustable and you can use the speedometer to set it. It makes it easy to make up any lost mileage and the computer and speedometer are always in sinc. - USA

03/26/07 - Cool device! Before I installed this thing I had the Slowest truck on the road, Swift even blew off the road. I used to get pissed off when they would get to close to me while passing. Now it's the other way around I can cruise at 70, no problem. I can make it across Nevada in about 8 hrs. now and it used to take me 10 hrs. This thing's really easy to operate to, a one touch speed machine. Way to Go! - USA

03/15/07 - One thing that used to burn me up was when I would come up behind a car that I had been creeping up on for the last 20 miles and just before I was ready to change changes to pass, they would match my speed and then start slowing down just enough so I would be following to close. When I got in the fast lane they would match my speed again and then fast traffic would be coming up behind me so I would have to turn off the cruise control and slow down until I the way was clear to get around idiot. What a bunch of HORSE S*IT!!! This Safety Pass device is like a present from god! It solved my problem slick and easy. When I come up behind somebody now and they start playing games, I just push the button and put it to the floor and blow their f**kin' doors off. I've been running this thing for about 6 months now and haven't had a speck of trouble with it, it's always there when I need it! - USA

01/10/07 - I pull 3 trailers, each 28 FEET in length, grossing 120,000 Pounds. I use the device to get my cruise control to work when I'm climbing steep hills under 30 MPH, when it would normally shut off. Then I would have to hold my foot to the floor all the way to the top of the hill. This device takes away a lot of the stress assiociated with driving big trucks. - USA

12/18/06 - I've had one of these devices for over a year now and it has always worked in a flawless manner. I use it for passing people that left there brains in the last town. LOL. All it does it makes it like your driving a car, just put it to the floor when you need more speed. You can also put some distance between yourself and the idiots on the road. - USA

12/05/06 - Hey, Great invention! I love this thing! It only took me about 15 or 20 minutes to do a permanent installation and it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I just ran it up through the sleeper floor and between the floor mat and sleeper wall all the way to dash. You can't even tell it's there and underneath the wiring looks factory made, it matches perfect to the other wires. I have QualComm with SensorTracs and used to hate it when the #*@%ing thing would start beeping as soon as I got over 65 mph like when I was going down a hill or something and a few times the boss would chew me out for going over 70. Now I can cruise at 75 and they can't tell how fast I'm going and Qualcomm transmits only what I tell it to and I haven't heard a word from the boss since I installed it 8 months ago. I try not to leave it on all the time because they might notice a severe drop in fuel mileage but I do use it when I need to. It takes a lot of the stress out of driving. Keep up the good work! - USA

12/01/06 - This things great only took half hour to do permanent installation on my Kenworth C15 Cat, now my truck flys! I'm grossing 68 tone an doing 140kmh, for you U.S.A guys i think that 120,000 lb at 80mph!! - Australia


04/13/06 - Hi, just dropping you quick not to let you know that your product works on volvo VE D12 and VE D16 engines at least 2004 and 2005. just letting you know because it dosent say volvo engines on your website. thanks for making such a great product. keep up the good work. - USA

02/24/06 - Good bit of gear. AAA+ - Australia

02/03/06 - Cool Device! Works great. my friend wants one. Will buy again. - USA

01/25/06 - Device works great! Really makes a difference. Thanks a million! - Australia

12/26/05 - Great Product! Works as described! Better! Great tech support too! I'm telling all my friends about it. Thanks FASTERTRUCK! - Canada

12/12/05 - Fantastic Product!!! I don't know how you ever came up with this thing, but it's awesome. HUGE difference in passing POWER! and I got it real quick! Super FAST Shipping. - USA

06/18/05 - Great Device! Works better than advertised. Top Quality! Good People! - USA

05/25/05 - Excellent quality EGOR, Super technical support. Thanks again Will be telling all the driver's I know cause everybody who drives a castrated truck needs one of these. - USA

03/20/05 - Thanks for the device! It works GREAT! When I Push a Button I have an instant ability to increase my speed substantially. I can pass vehicles with confidence and safety. When I come up on an IDIOT, I can get around them in short order and I never Get Hung out in the left lane on the freeway any more. - USA

If you are an owner of the SafetyPass Pro and care to share your adventures please email us here: Service@FasterTruck.com. Of course, all names and other identifiers will always be omitted per our privacy policy