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SafetyPass Pro

kenworth truck 53' trailerIncrease Big-Rig Speed Instantly for Greater Highway Safety!

Drivers of Big-Rigs - Semi Trucks, 18-Wheelers...

Have you noticed an increase in Close calls or Road Rage incidents from passing motorists or other big trucks since operating a big rig with a speed governor setting that is set 15 to 20% BELOW the legal speed limit?

On the Freeway, Do you frequently find yourself driving along side another 40 ton big rig with a similar speed governor setting for 5 or 10 minutes when trying to pass?

When you are driving on 2-lane highways, have you noticed large numbers of cars and big trucks lining up behind your big rig, impatiently waiting to pass?

When 15 to 20 vehicles are lined up behind your truck waiting to pass it becomes a potentially dangerous and deadly situation that causes impatient motorists to take chances when passing, some don't make it... Road rage incidents can also occur.

The Safest Highways are the ones where ALL vehicles travel at the same speed. Common Sense tells us this is especially true on 2 lane highways as well as Freeways.

If you answered YES to any of the questions listed above, you may want to consider Speeding Up your Truck to satisfy Safety Concerns....

The SafetyPass Pro has been successfully proven by professional drivers worldwide to increase public safety by allowing the truck driver to operate their vehicle at the safest possible speed for traffic conditions.

This Unique Device Provides Maximum Rated RPM in Highest Gear of most 6-18 speed Automatic and Manual Transmissions without reprogramming the ECM (engine control module). Passwords are NEVER required.

Effectively mutes ECM road speed governor allowing more RPM in top gear with FULL POWER. Driver always controls road speed with throttle pedal, just like normal.

Simple to Operate.

Pre-set device before use, no further adjustment required. Activate with one push of a button when more speed is needed. Gain speed instantly by pushing down on the throttle pedal.


Electronically Controlled, Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar, Volvo, Mercedes or Iveco Engines. Models Years 1992 through 2012. Effective device operation is 100% dependent upon the truck's ECM programming and speed sensor location.


1992 - 2012 Freightliner Kenworth Peterbilt Volvo International-Navistar Sterling Western-Star Iveco and other Big-Rig Semi Trucks, Road-Trains and Prime Movers. Effective device operation is 100% dependent upon the truck's ECM programming. 

PRIMARY REQUIREMENT: ALL Trucks Must Have a Speed Sensor Located on the Tailshaft (Output Shaft) of the Transmission, Any Other Location Will Not Work.

If your truck does not have a speed sensor located on the tailshaft of the tranny, the device will not be compatible with your system.

ECM Programmer and/or Passwords NOT used or required.

Fits Class 6 thru 8 trucks only. Not for pick-up trucks.

Speed Governor Control System for Big Rigs

SafetyPass Pro Customer Comments:

"Thanks for a great product that works and is well made. It saves me between one and two hours per day by just staying close to the speed limit."

"When a company turns down a truck so low that you dread going to work, it's time to find a new line of work or do something about it. I have more than twenty five years driving experience with over three million miles and no accidents.

"After turning down the truck, my close calls more than doubled."

"Turning down a truck looks good on paper, but it creates more problems than it solves. For any drivers still thinking about getting a safetypass pro. It works very well, and the time you save... It will pay for itself in a week. The stress and aggravation you save is priceless."

SafetyPass Pro Installation Guide  Identify Speed Sensor Connectors  SafetyPass Pro Catalog

Installation kit included.

Fits most brands of trucks, including Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Sterling, International, Western Star, Volvo and others with Weather-Pack or Metri-Pack connectors. 5 minute hook-up and removal using existing Vehicle Connectors. Just un-plug the install cables to remove entire kit in 3 to 5 mins. Identify Speed Sensor Connectors

Warranty Details:

The SafetyPass Pro has a 30 day Money Back Guarantee if you are not totally satisfied. Just Return it to us and receive a prompt courteous refund along with our thanks. A one year repair or replacement Warranty is also included.


This device has been proven by heavy truck drivers worldwide to create a safer driving environment for all highway users when used properly. We recommend this device only be used as a means to increase public safety by allowing the driver to operate their vehicle at a speed that offers the highest degree of safety for given traffic conditions. Any other use of this device is not recommended and strongly discouraged. User assumes all risk and liability when using this product.

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