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05/29/24 - Be Pro Be Proud named two trucking and steel industry veterans

Fastertruck News - 05/29/24 - 12:37:19am - NewDuoNewDuo


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Arkansas-founded and based organization Be Pro Be Proud recently announced it has named two trucking and steel industry veterans to its national board. The two elected individuals are trucking industry veteran Connie Vaughan of Cleveland, Tennessee, and steel executive Amy Rogers of Little Rock, Arkansas.

“Connie and Amy are dynamic additions to the Be Pro Be Pro National Board as we continue to grow the scope of our work in developing the next generation’s technical workforce,” says Andrew Parker, executive director of Be Pro Be Proud. “As a growing presence, their depth of knowledge enhances our commitment to fostering collaboration among industry leaders to drive innovation and advocate for technical career opportunities nationwide.”

Vaughan, the former chair of the Tennessee Trucking Association, has been acknowledged for her pivotal role in advancing technical education in Tennessee, both at state and local levels. Her diverse background in engineering, human resources, and manufacturing, coupled with her present position as the Director of Government Relations at McKee Foods, an American snack food company, endows her with a rich array of expertise for the BPBP National Board.

Rogers holds the position of Senior Vice President of Bridge Sales and Estimating at W&W | AFCO Steel, which is North America’s largest steel fabricator with 19 fabrication facilities across seven states. She is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, serving on the Executive and Marketing Committee of the National Steel Bridge Alliance, and is an active participant in the Associated General Contractors (AGC), American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), and Women in Transportation (WTS).

For more information about Be Pro Be Proud, visit https://beprobeproud.org/

05/28/24 - 523 pounds of meth found hidden in flatbed trailer frame at California border crossing

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 10:08:53pm -

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers recently seized hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine found hidden within an empty flatbed trailer.

The drugs were discovered on May 20 at the Calexico East Commercial Facility located in Calexico, California.

A twenty-five year old truck driver hauling an empty flatbed trailer attempted to enter the U.S. from Mexico through the facility.

The truck and trailer were referred for a secondary inspection.

When CBP used non-intrusive imaging technology, they discovered anomalies on the vehicle. A canine unit also alerted to the trailer.

During a physical search, CBP officers found 172 packages of methamphetamine weighing 523 pounds concealed within the trailer frame.

The drugs, truck, and trailer were seized by CBP.

The truck driver was turned over to Homeland Security Investigations.

“I commend our officers in making full use of all available resources to prevent these drugs from entering our communities,” stated Roque Caza, Port Director for the Area Port of Calexico. “We remain committed to maintaining a comprehensive strategy in preventing and disrupting drug smuggling at our southern borders

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05/28/24 - Diesel Price Slips 3.1¢ to Settle at $3.758

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 09:33:47pm -


The national average diesel price dropped 3.1 cents to reach $3.758, its lowest point in more than two years, according to Energy Information Administration data on May 27.

05/28/24 - Tesla Settles Fatal Crash Suit Ahead of California Trial

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 09:33:47pm -


Tesla reached a deal to resolve a lawsuit over the death of a Model S passenger in a 2016 crash, marking the second time in two months it has avoided a jury trial in California over a fatal wreck.

05/28/24 - BET Evolution at Same Point as Brick Cellphones: Sanchez

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 09:33:47pm -


Battery-electric trucks have arrived at an evolutionary point not dissimilar to the one that brick-style cellphones occupied in the 1980s, Ryder System CEO Robert Sanchez said.

05/28/24 - Challenge accepted: Peters wins NationaLease’s annual competition

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 08:39:18pm - NL Tech Challenge 2024NL Tech Challenge 2024

NL Tech Challenge 2024

DENVER — It was not his first Tech Challenge. 

Brian Peters, from Salem NationaLease out of Conover, North Carolina, has won the 14th Annual NationaLease Tech Challenge, after being a multi-time Regional winner.

The heralded award was presented to Peters at the May 2024 NationaLease Maintenance Managers Meeting at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel in Colorado.

NationaLease, is one of the largest full-service truck leasing organizations in North America

Tech Challenge participants hailed from NationaLease’s full-service truck leasing companies across the United States and Canada.

The competition is extensive, beginning with a 100 multiple-choice question exam. From there, the leading techs from nine regions compete in the hands-on competition, which is held at Aim NationaLease’s truck maintenance shop before the Maintenance Managers Meeting. This year, in addition to the nine regional winners, the second highest scoring tech also advanced, allowing 10 technicians to compete in the hands-on competition.

Peters began his career in the business by following in his dad’s footsteps, who was a diesel technician for 47 years. Peters graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College in 2005, then started at Catawba Rental Company, Inc. a NationaLease Member after graduating. In 2012, he joined Salem NationaLease.

Peters is a familiar face from previous NationaLease Tech Challenge competitions — he placed as a Regional Winner in 2014, 2015, 2019, 2020 and 2021, was second runner-up overall in 2014, was first runner-up overall in 2019 and was second runner-up overall again in 2021. He was also North Carolina State Top Tech in 2022 and 2023, and he finished in the Top 10 at the TMCSuperTech in 2023.

Joining Peters are first runner-up Wade Murphy-Price from Airoldi Brothers NationaLease and second runner-up Keran Valji from VEL NationaLease. All three will represent the NationaLease organization at the upcoming TMC Annual SuperTech Competition, scheduled for later this year. 

The remaining seven of the 10 Tech Challenge finalists were:

  • Region 1: Jason Stiles, VEL NationaLease;
  • Region 2: Stewart Kitchin, Ballard Truck Leasing, a NationaLease Member;
  • Region 3: Scott Bosnyak, Aim NationaLease;
  • Region 5: Carl Diehl, Hogan Truck Leasing Inc., a NationaLease Member;
  • Region 6: Erien White, Transervice Leasing, a NationaLease Member;
  • Region 8: Kyle Dillard, Hogan Truck Leasing Inc., a NationaLease Member; and
  • Region 9: John Norwood, Aim NationaLease.

“The talent and initiative on display during the Tech Challenge was truly amazing and we congratulate Brian for winning the top spot in a fierce competition,” said Jane Clark, senior vice president of operations at NationaLease. “These individuals are the backbone of our industry and ensure the highest level of care and quality is provided so our trucks operate safely on roads all across North America.”

For the first time, NationaLease also announced the individual station winners:

  • Air System & ABS: Wade Murphy-Price, Airoldi Brothers NationaLease.
  • Lubricants and Filters: Scott Bosnyak, Aim NationaLease; Brian Peters, Salem NationaLease; Carl Diehl, Hogan Truck Leasing Inc., a NationaLease Member; and Erien White, Transervice Leasing, a NationaLease Member.
  • Fasteners/Wire: Carl Diehl, Hogan Truck Leasing Inc., a NationaLease Member.
  • Fan Hub-Start and Charge: Brian Peters, Salem NationaLease.
  • Tires/Wheel Mount: Brian Peters, Salem NationaLease.
  • Engine Electronics and Mechanical: Brian Peters, Salem NationaLease.
  • Wheel End and Foundation Brakes: Scott Bosnyak, Aim NationaLease, and John Norwood, Aim NationaLease.
  • Detroit Mechanical: Keran Valji, VEL NationaLease.
  • Electrical: John Norwood, Aim NationaLease.
  • Cab Controls: Erien White, Transervice Leasing, a NationaLease Member.


05/28/24 - Truck sales are slowing — but not enough to bring equilibrium to the freight market

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 08:37:16pm - White Tractors on Lot iStock webWhite Tractors on Lot iStock web

White Tractors on Lot iStock web

In a market where freight rates are suppressed because there are too many available trucks, the trucking industry is responding by (you guessed it!) buying more trucks. Even though truck sales numbers are actually declining somewhat, the oversupply condition is still in play as truck owners attempt to wait out the hard times.

In April, OEMs reported sales of 19,798 new Class 8 trucks, according to data received from Wards Intelligence. That’s an increase of just 140 trucks (0.7%) from March numbers, and it represents a 20.3% decline from sales in April 2023.

Still, the number represents thousands more trucks than carriers need to replace their old equipment.

“We think U.S. tractor replacement is around 11,500 units to 12,000 units,” explained Kenny Vieth, president and senior analyst at ACT Research.

“In two months, we’ve done 14,600 and 14,400,” he continued. “A year ago in March and April, we did 19,800 and 18,300. So, we are making progress, but we think the Class 8 U.S. tractor population is going to continue to grow at least through May on strong sales.”

Vieth believes the slowdown is not happening quickly enough.

“We are seeing a slowdown in in U.S. tractor retail sales, but we’re still not seeing a slow enough slowdown in US tractor retail sales,” Vieth explained. He thinks private fleets are responsible for the continued momentum in tractor sales.

“Private fleets have been continuing to add capacity into a disastrous for-hire market, or they’re exacerbating a soft freight environment because they’re taking loads out of the for-hire market,” he said. “And that seems to be unchanged.”

Because private fleets haul mostly their own products, rather than “taking” freight from the for-hire carriers they may simply not be offering as many loads to brokers as they were a couple of years ago. Some, however, use the spot market for backhaul loads or even to keep their fleets busy until production picks up.

Many of the companies that have private fleets got burned in the freight frenzy of 2021 and 2022. Carriers, busy hauling freight from the spot market at record rates, offered fewer trucks to their dedicated customers. Competition for trucks was intense on load boards and at brokerages, and manufacturers paid dearly to have their product hauled — if they could find a carrier to haul it at all.

In response, manufacturers increased the size of their own private fleets.

“CEOs were saying, ‘You know, we need to add some capacity to our fleet to make sure that we don’t get caught out again,’” Vieth said. “I think a lot of private fleets all came to this same decision: The CEO greenlighted capacity expansion, in the middle of the freight recession in 2023.”

Another potential reason for strong Class 8 sales is the stronger emissions standards the Environmental Protection Agency has scheduled to roll out in 2027. Unsure of how the new technology will impact fuel mileage and truck reliability — and to avoid the expected $30,000 per truck price increase — carriers are expected to buy extra trucks in the years prior to the 2027 model year. Pre-buying will increase in the 2025 and 2026 model years, but some could already be happening.

Orders for new Class 8 trucks declined in April but ran ahead of orders from a year ago for the third time in 2024. According to FTR Transportation Intelligence, 14,000 new Class 8 trucks were ordered in April. That’s a drop of 28% from March orders — but still 12.5% higher than April 2023.

“The persistent stagnation in the freight markets has not deterred fleets from being willing to order new equipment,” said Dan Moyer, FTR’s senior analyst for commercial vehicles. “Order levels were below the historical average but remain in line with seasonal trends, and we still expect a replacement level of output by the end of 2024.”

On the used truck side of the Class 8 market, ACT analysts reported that sales fell 6% in April from March numbers and were down 4% from April 2023 figures. The good news for buyers is that, on the average, used truck prices were down 3% from March and a full 20% from April a year ago. The age and mileage of the average used Class 8 truck both fell in April, too.

The issue many buyers will face in buying trucks is that interest rates have risen dramatically. Those who can afford the payments will need to deal with tightened credit requirements, too. Lenders, still reeling from defaults and repossessions during the buying periods in 2021 and 2022, are more wary of extending credit.

The individual truck manufacturers experienced a mixed month.

Freightliner’s 6,483 Class 8 trucks sold led the market but was down 10.1% from March. The company held 39.4% of the new Class 8 market as of April 2023, but this year it’s fallen to 37.1%.

Freightliner’s Western Star may be at the other end of the sales spectrum, but it’s increased its April sales to 889 — a 10.3% increase over March and a nice 45.7% climb over April 2023 numbers. The company has increased its share of the Class 8 market from 2.5% as of last April to 4.5% this year.

Navistar’s International brand has gone in the opposite direction. April sales of 1,938 were just 0.4% lower than March sales — but a whopping 53.3% behind sales in April 2023. For the year to date, the company is nearly 4,900 trucks behind its 2023 pace for a decline of 39.2%. Navistar has seen its share of the market fall from 14.2% to 10%.

Volvo has taken advantage of International’s drop in sales, with Volvo beating Navistar with a 10.1% share of the Class 8 market; that’s up from 9.8% at the same point of last year. Volvo’s April sales of 2,037 were 1% better than March but 11.9% lower than April 2023.

Volvo sibling Mack gained 10.7% in April with sales of 1,536 but was 11.1% behind April 2023 sales. The company currently holds 6.5% of the 2023 market.

Kenworth edged out sibling Peterbilt in April, selling 3,581 trucks for a 14% increase over March and a 6.6% increase over April 2023, good for 15.9% of the 2023 market. Peterbilt’s 3,319 sold was up 5.7% over March but down 3.3% from April 2023. The companies each hold 15.9% of the 2024 Class 8 market.

Only time will tell if this year’s decline in sales numbers will be enough to bring a balance between capacity and available freight to a depressed freight market.

05/28/24 - Driver recruiting, retention top ATRI research priorities

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 08:37:16pm - iStock 1582693186iStock 1582693186

iStock 1582693186

WASHINGTON — Of the five research priorities approved by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) at its annual meeting, which took place March 12-13 in Washington, D.C., “mining driver demographic data” was at the top of the list.

Other priorities on this year’s list include the impact of nuclear verdicts, the scope of cargo thefts nationwide, calculating the costs of truck bottlenecks, and a cost-benefit analysis of the Federal Excise Tax (FET).

Following is an overview of all five priorities for 2024.

Driver Data: Demographics in the trucking industry continue to change. The study aims to leverage ATRI’s comprehensive demographic data on truck drivers, gathered from surveys conducted over many years. This data will be analyzed to detect shifts in the demographics of the driver workforce, which will assist the industry in refining driver recruitment and retention approaches. Additionally, the research will explore new avenues for industry entry from underrepresented groups, such as young adults transitioning from the foster care system.

Nuclear Verdicts: In 2020, ATRI published a significant study that analyzed the occurrence and effects of nuclear verdicts within the trucking industry. The study detailed the magnitude and regularity of truck crash litigation verdicts and investigated the increasing employment of third-party litigation financing. The forthcoming update will employ newer data to assess changes in verdicts since the original study, the effects on motor carrier insurance premiums, the elements contributing to nuclear verdicts, and the possible consequences of state-level lawsuit abuse reform laws enacted in recent years.

In its 2020 “Understanding the Impact of Nuclear Verdicts on the Trucking Industry” study, ATRI defines nuclear verdicts as “verdicts that have large verdicts, oftentimes in excess of $10 million.” The impact of these verdicts increases trucking companies’ insurance rates, causing some companies to go out of business. 

Cargo Theft: In the U.S., cargo theft is becoming an increasingly significant problem for motor carriers, shippers, insurers and consumers alike. The research aims to scrutinize existing data sources and collaborate with motor carriers to more accurately determine the extent and regularity of this frequently unreported crime. Additionally, it will explore both current and developing programs for tracing and preventing cargo theft to pinpoint the most effective practices.

Truck Bottlenecks: For many years, ATRI has leveraged its comprehensive truck GPS data repository to track and measure traffic congestion on national highways. The research aims to deliver a detailed analysis of congestion costs at specific sites listed in ATRI’s Top 100 truck bottlenecks, along with case studies that quantify the return on investment for areas where focused infrastructure enhancements have led to congestion reduction.

The FET: Many view the 12% excise tax on heavy-duty trucks and trailers as a deterrent to investing in newer, safer equipment with cleaner engines. This analysis aims to explore how the FET influences carriers’ decisions to forego investment in new equipment, potentially leading to missed opportunities for safety and emissions enhancements.

05/28/24 - Industry-Led ZEV Infrastructure Group Sees Membership Rise

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 08:32:37pm -


LAS VEGAS — Powering America’s Commercial Transportation finalized its initial membership cohort in recent days with 24 founding members.

05/28/24 - Driver okay after skidding all the way off Texas highway

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 08:08:58pm -

A truck driver is expected to recover after skidding off of a Decatur, Texas highway and landing on the roadway below over the weekend. 

The accident happened on US 81/287 on Saturday, May 25th in Decatur, Texas at approximately 5:33 a.m. 

According to the Wise County Messenger, 63-year-old trucker George Edward Crow was heading south in a 2005 Freightliner when he veered off the Texas highway at 500 South U.S. 81/287. The truck then skidded past the guardrail and plunged over a concrete bridge before landing on 800 W. Business 380 with the cab upright on the roadway and the bed sticking straight on in the air, balanced on the barrier wall. 

After the crash, Crow was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries described as non-life threatening. 

No further information about the accident has been released. 

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05/28/24 - Hess Investors Vote in Favor of $53 Billion Chevron Takeover

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 08:02:25pm -


Hess Corp. shareholders approved Chevron Corp.’s $53 billion takeover despite reservations among several prominent investors about a dispute with Exxon Mobil Corp. over a key asset.

05/28/24 - Bendix honors employees through KPS awards program

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 07:37:54pm - Bendix KPS 1Bendix KPS 1

Bendix KPS 1

AVON, Ohio — It’s time to recognize a few stars.

Recently, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC employees from across North America came together to recognize those who are helping improve the workplace in a variety of ways, including safety, environmental conditions, production quality and manufacturing efficiency.

The honorees gathered in Bowling Green, Kentucky, home of the company’s wheel-end manufacturing operation.

Winners in the annual award program, who were deemed to embody the company’s commitment to drive improvements in its operation, represented Bendix facilities in Acuña, Mexico; Avon, Ohio; Bowling Green; Hanover, Pennsylvania, where Bendix subsidiary R.H. Sheppard Co. Inc. operates; Huntington, Indiana; and Monterrey, Mexico.

Bendix honored three groups and 22 individuals for their commitment to continuous improvement in 2023 as part of the company’s Knorr Production System (KPS). 

“In addition to their dedication to continuous improvement, these team members personify Bendix’s all-encompassing drive to help improve commercial vehicle and highway safety,” a release stated.

This year marked the 11th installment of the annual recognition program, which has expanded in scope to honor more employees and their devotion to continuously improving Bendix’s work environment at all levels.

KPS award categories consisted of Safety STARS (Safety Top Achievement Recognition System), Environmental, Best Quick Kaizen, Most Quick Kaizens and KPS Outstanding Contributor. 

“We launched KPS at Bendix in 2012 to pursue a shared vision, embracing a ‘one-plant approach’ to steer us toward operational excellence,” said Piotr Sroka, Bendix CEO, president and COO. “Since then, countless individuals have dedicated themselves to the vision, bringing forth their talents, ideas and hard work to ensure our collective safety and enhance our environment, processes, workstations and production lines. The recognition program is a special way to celebrate the people who lead the way. They bring the KPS spirit to life and help motivate everyone as we build momentum for the future.”

The release also noted that “a key aspect of the KPS philosophy is encouraging and empowering employees to recognize potential problems, then develop and help implement their own suggestions for quality improvements.”

Bendix added in its release that these employee-driven changes are what help define a Quick Kaizen environment where people and teams proactively seek to improve manufacturing.

In 2023, Bendix team members identified and implemented more than 22,000 ideas — among the highest number ever since Bendix put Quick Kaizens into operation in 2013. Of those 22,000 Quick Kaizens, Bendix implemented nearly 20,000, according to the company’s release.

“The accomplishments celebrated in the KPS awards bring Bendix closer to major company safety goals such as zero injuries, climate goals like zero waste, and operational goals on quality and productivity,” said Fabio Nakai, director of operations excellence for Bendix. “Day after day, our people and our teams bring their best selves to the job in the name of continuous improvement and operational excellence.”

05/28/24 - ‘Mormon Cricket sludge’ causes multiple big rig crashes, Nevada sheriff says

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 07:07:57pm -

Police in Nevada say that rain combined with “Mormon Cricket sludge” on the roadway caused several big rig crashes.

On Saturday, May 25, the Eureka County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) said that multiple crashes occurred on I-80 near Winnemucca, Nevada, “due to rain and Mormon Cricket sludge.”

Mormon Crickets are large, flightless katydids that are native to the western U.S.

“Mormon Crickets and Rain make roadways EXTREMELY slick and unpredictable for stopping distance,” ECSO said.

ECSO shared several photos of commercial vehicles that crashed due to the Mormon Crickets on the roadway.

In the 2022 video below out of Idaho, you can see state transportation department vehicles clearing a large number of Mormon Crickets off the roadway to make it safer to drive.

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05/28/24 - Volvo to Begin Customer Hydrogen ICE Truck Tests in 2026

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 07:03:32pm -


Volvo Group plans to begin testing trucks with hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines with customers in 2026 and launch commercial production toward the end of the decade,

05/28/24 - Penske Forms EV Infrastructure Advisory JV With Mitsui Unit

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 07:03:32pm -


LAS VEGAS — Penske Transportation Solutions and ForeFront Power are teaming up for an electric vehicle infrastructure advisory joint venture to be known as Penske Energy, the partners said May 21.

05/28/24 - Go Industries Inc. Launches New Headache Rack for Truck, Merging Safety and Functionality

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 06:49:39pm - Go Industries has been a leading supplier of services and products for trucks, law enforcement, and custom manufacturing. They have recently introduced a new product to their extensive lineup of truck ...

05/28/24 - Shippers, Private Fleets Aim for Sustainability

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 06:33:25pm -


LAS VEGAS — Despite higher costs, some shippers and carriers continue to invest in alternative fuels and zero-emission transportation to meet their corporate sustainability objectives.

05/28/24 - Canada Grants $10M to Top Mineral Port to Boost Supply Chain

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 06:33:25pm -


Canada is investing C$10 million from its National Trade Corridors Fund to alleviate supply chain congestion and modernize an aluminum terminal at the Port of Sept-Îles.

05/28/24 - Two women arrested for robbing sleeping trucker

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 06:07:09pm -

Nebraska police arrested two women in connection with the robbery of a sleeping trucker.

On May 25, police responded to a reported robbery at 2124 1/2 N. Broadwell Avenue in Grand Island, Nebraska.

A trucker told police he had been sleeping inside his semi truck when four individuals entered the vehicle, held him down, and assaulted him.

The truck driver told police that the individuals stole his cellphone and wallet, which contained $25 in cash.

On May 26, police made contact with Sierra Lovejoy, 24, and Latifah Root, 26.

According to the Grand Island Police Department (GIPD), Root admitted to holding down the trucker to avoid being struck, but said that Lovejoy and another male were the ones who took the cellphone. Root told GIPD that she did not take any items from the trucker.

Lovejoy told police she was with Root at the time of the robbery but denied ever entering the semi truck. She said that Root later told her that she took the victim’s cellphone.

Both Root and Lovejoy were arrested for robbery.

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05/28/24 - Truck parking with ‘public transportation’ to tourist destinations possible in Laredo

Fastertruck News - 05/28/24 - 06:07:09pm -

Truck parking with ‘public transportation’ to tourist destinations is being discussed by the City Council in Laredo, Texas. 

Councilmember Vanessa Perez is seeking partnerships to help build a network of private parking lots with public transportation in Laredo, Texas after receiving multiple calls complaining about a lack of legal parking for the semi trucks that frequent the area. 

“You guys pride yourself on saying, ‘We’re the biggest landport in the world,’ but there’s no help for us transportation companies,” said Ricardo Sandoval earlier this month, a business owner who says his trucks often get fined in the area because there is nowhere for them to park. 

Perez’s solution is to work with private landowners to create jointly owned truck parking lots that would give trucker’s a place to park and make money for the city, reported LMT Online.

“We’ve had this long-standing issue in District VII where we don’t have enough room for truckers to park,” Perez said. “This does cause issues where to park and does cause issues with landowners where they find trucks parked on their property and are in violation with our ordinance. We have a lot of issues dealing with growing pains, if you will.”

“There are people out there interested in creating parking lots in municipalities,” Perez said. “Let’s put it out there to see if there’s anyone in the private sector who would be interested to partner with us. Reserving pieces of their land for this kind of thing so that trucks can have a place to park temporarily, or overnight, and then maybe incorporate some public transportation with that.” 

Perez says that the city should start to view truckers as possible tourists, and offer them public transportation at these truck parking lots to tourists destinations such as downtown Laredo, or parts of San Bernardo Avenue. 

The plan is still under discussion by the City Council.

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