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CDL Drivers Medical Minimum Requirements

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Truckers News Feed

10/06/22 - Big Rig Crash on SR-99 in Modesto Area — AutoAccident.com - sacramentoinjuryattorneysblog.com

10/06/22 01:09:26am - Big Rig Crash on SR-99 in Modesto Area — AutoAccident.com  sacramentoinjuryattorneysblog.com

10/06/22 - Russians attack civilian convoy, killing 10 children

10/06/22 01:06:31am - The report said the convoy was traveling in a so-called ... of the occupiers – they shot six old cars and one Gazelle truck at close range with small arms,” said Vasyl Malyuk, acting ...

10/06/22 - UPS gets driver-training exemption for double trailers

10/06/22 12:00:48am - “Individuals with a valid Class A CDL seeking such an endorsement need only pass a knowledge test. The measures proposed by UPS would ensure that drivers receive on-road skills training prior to ...

10/05/22 - Truck Crash In Mahwah Shuts Down Traffic On I-287 For 4 Hours: Police - Patch

10/05/22 11:48:51pm - Truck Crash In Mahwah Shuts Down Traffic On I-287 For 4 Hours: Police  Patch

10/05/22 - Maine trucking industry investing in future drivers

10/05/22 11:42:42pm - Maine has been facing a shortage of truck drivers for the past couple years. Due in part to pandemic challenges, this has become an even greater problem. To steer the state away from problems down the ...

10/05/22 - The Driven Podcast: The trucking industry is going electric

10/05/22 11:42:42pm - We test drive a heavy duty electric truck, and interview key players in an industry that is going electric faster than most people can imagine.

10/05/22 - Truckers report idling issues at the Port of Baltimore, so what's causing them?

10/05/22 10:43:02pm - For a third day in a row, trucks have been backed up past the highway exit to get into the Port of Baltimore and load up their rigs.

10/05/22 - Dump truck crash causes Highway 20 closure, spills gravel load - Albany Democrat-Herald

10/05/22 10:38:44pm - Dump truck crash causes Highway 20 closure, spills gravel load  Albany Democrat-Herald

10/05/22 - Cement truck crash prompts intermittent closures on Southway roundabout - KLEW

10/05/22 10:17:33pm - Cement truck crash prompts intermittent closures on Southway roundabout  KLEW

10/05/22 - Work Truck Solutions names new CEO

10/05/22 09:42:15pm - Aaron Johnson. With this move, which is effective immediately, Kathryn Schifferle will transition from the role of CEO to that of chief vision officer.

10/05/22 - Feds call for alcohol detection systems in all new vehicles

10/05/22 09:24:50pm -

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently issued a recommendation to require that all new vehicles be equipped with technology that would prevent a person impaired by alcohol from driving.

In a September 20 report, the NTSB recommended that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration take action to require all new vehicles to be equipped with passive vehicle-integrated alcohol impairment detection systems, advanced driver monitoring systems or a combination of the two that would be capable of preventing or limiting vehicle operation if it detects driver impairment by alcohol.

The NTSB recommendation comes as a result of the agency’s investigation into a crash that occurred on January 1, 2021, near Avenal, California. Nine people, including seven children, died in a high-speed head-on collision involving an SUV and a pickup truck. NTSB investigators reported that the SUV driver had a high level of alcohol intoxication and was operating at an excessive speed.

The NTSB also called for new incentives for vehicle manufacturers and consumers to encourage the adoption of technology to prevent speed-related crashes.

​“Technology could’ve prevented this heartbreaking crash — just as it can prevent the tens of thousands of fatalities from impaired-driving and speeding-related crashes we see in the U.S. annually,” said NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy. “We need to implement the technologies we have right here, right now to save lives.”​

10/05/22 - One Bridge Damaged by Ian Reopens, and a Truck Is Among First to Cross It

10/05/22 09:13:14pm -


Hours before Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that emergency road and bridge repairs to Pine Island had been completed ahead of schedule on Oct. 5, cheers and a little laughter greeted some of the first motorists — including a Publix truck — to cross a temporary bridge built to restore access by land to the island, which took much of the brunt from Hurricane Ian.

10/05/22 - At least 17 dead in Guatemala truck crash - The Murray Valley Standard

10/05/22 08:43:27pm - At least 17 dead in Guatemala truck crash  The Murray Valley Standard

10/05/22 - At least 17 dead in Guatemala truck crash - Shepparton News

10/05/22 08:32:41pm - At least 17 dead in Guatemala truck crash  Shepparton News

10/05/22 - Supply Chain Rallies in Wake of Hurricane Ian

10/05/22 07:44:13pm -


The trucks are rolling again. They’re going right into the areas Hurricane Ian devastated, and many are from companies with the regional or national scale to deliver emergency goods to communities where they also have affected employees and local stores in need of resupply.

10/05/22 - Entire family kidnapped from their newly opened trucking office with no explanation

10/05/22 07:25:43pm -

Four people, including a baby, were kidnapped from their newly opened trucking company office in San francisco earlier this week. 

The family – 8-month-old Aroohi Dheri; the child’s mother, Jasleen Kaur, 27; father Jasdeep Singh, 36; and uncle Amandeep Singh, 39 – were kidnapped at gunpoint from a new office for their trucking company. The kidnapping took place on Monday, October 3rd in Merced, California. 

According to ABC 10, police were contacted after firefighters found a pickup truck belonging to Amandeep Singh, the uncle, on fire. Officers then visited the uncle’s family at their home, but they were unable to contact the man or couple in the kidnapping. It was then that the family was reported missing. 

“They have a trucking company. It’s called Unison Trucking, and they made a new truckyard with an office and they barely started this Monday. Yesterday, when they started working, it was only six days they started business at this place,” said Deep Singh, family member of the kidnapped family. 

The suspect was caught on surveillance footage kidnapping the family at gunpoint. Using the footage, officers determined 48-year-old Jesus Salgado was a suspect, but were informed that he had attempted to take his own life on Tuesday before officers could arrive. He was then taken into custody. 

Investigators say that the family is still missing, but that the kidnapper has made no demands for ransom of any kind and has not attempted to contact anyone about the kidnapping. He is believed to have destroyed unspecified evidence of the kidnapping in order to throw off law enforcement.

“My husband is very peaceful and calm person. We don’t have any clue why they kidnapped them,” said Jaspreet Caur, wife of the kidnapped uncle. “Please I have six year old and nine year old kid and they are waiting for their dad. Please, please send my family back. Please return my family,” Caur said. 

The sheriff’s office said the FBI, the California Department of Justice, and other local law enforcement agencies are all involved in the investigation.

10/05/22 - Driver in deadly Moss Beach truck crash was distracted by puppy on his lap, prosecutors say - The Mercury News

10/05/22 07:21:18pm -


Driver in deadly Moss Beach truck crash was distracted by puppy on his lap, prosecutors say  The Mercury News

10/05/22 - Congress Passes Disaster Aid Bill Amid Calls for Resilience

10/05/22 07:15:18pm -


Legislation designed to expedite emergency recovery aid recently advanced to the president’s desk amid renewed calls for enhancing infrastructure resilience.

10/05/22 - Whatever Happened To Ice Road Truckers Star Lisa Kelly's Dog?

10/05/22 06:41:47pm - Lisa Kelly became an instant favorite during her time on "Ice Road Truckers." From her debut in Season 3 of the hit History Channel reality show through its fifth season, she was the only female cast ...

10/05/22 - Fatal Semi-Truck Crash Kills Sartell Woman - KVSC-FM News

10/05/22 06:41:07pm - Fatal Semi-Truck Crash Kills Sartell Woman  KVSC-FM News