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Truck Driver Safe Driving Rules

Truckers Serious Safe Driving Rule MUST READ!

Best Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers. Watch Videos, See what happens when safe driving rules are violated.

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World Wide Coverage. Recent Truck Accident News Reports on Semi Truck Crashes and Big Rig Wrecks.

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DOT CVSA Truck Inspection Procedures

North American Standard Level I DOT Inspection Procedures.

CDL Drivers DOT Medical Exam Form MCSA-5875 PDF


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Videos How To Chain Up Big Trucks Tire Chains Instructions

Truck Driver Training Instructional Videos Chaining Up Big Trucks

Videos - Learn How To Chain Up a Big Rig Semi Truck or 18 Wheeler. Experienced Truck Drivers Show You How to do it. Single Tire Chains and Double Tire Chains (Three-Railers) Installation Instructions.

5 Benefits Of Starting Your Own Trucking Business

Let's face it, jobs can never bring you the success you want to achieve in your life. Sure, for some people, doing jobs brings them the money and satisfaction they want. But true greatness, for many people, is getting hard-earned money by doing jobs for a limited time and then starting their own business. One of the best ideas for budding entrepreneurs is getting the Motor Carrier Authority and starting a trucking business.


While most of the business ideas you find online revolve around starting an ecommerce store or some WFH business, remember that traditional businesses still have unlimited potential and can help you earn serious money.

Here in this Article, You Can Find Five Outstanding Benefits to Starting a Trucking Business.

Travel To Your Heart's Content

Traveling is everyone's dream, right? But remember, not everyone can materialize this dream. Gone are the days when one could leave their home for good and start traveling around the world. Responsibilities are not hurdles if you make a way to fulfill your desires.

Starting a Trucking Business is one of the easiest ways to make money while traveling around the country. Trucking is a business that keeps you on the go 24/7. And don't think that there are any holidays. You can take some time off your business and start your journey of exploring the wonders of nature. Trucking makes you habitual of driving long distances and builds up the stamina of staying alert even while traveling for hundreds of miles. Traveling gives you a once-in-a-lifetime chance of Traveling through all 50 states. And the best part is, you can make money at the same time. You can keep providing your family with food and other necessities while exploring the world around you.

Flexible Schedule

Trucking is not all about sweating all day, seeing cars go past by your vehicle, and running into occasional problems. You do have free time and resources to enjoy the most out of your free time. You can accept more workload or choose to work on smaller shifts; it's all possible. As you establish your company and have repeat customers looking for your services, you can hire more drivers to help you in your business. You can divide the workload between you and your second driver to enjoy more freedom every week. And don't fret; many people before you have achieved these milestones.

Education Doesn't Matter

There's no doubt that your major doesn't decide your destiny. You can complete your Physics major and go on to work in the IT industry. Most of the polymaths are famous for combining two seemingly different fields and making the most out of them. However, to some extent, various businesses in the market specifically point out the educational criteria and filter the job applicants based on them. However, authorities don't limit people with limited formal education to start their trucking business. All you need to do is to complete your CDL training for getting your driving license. After fulfilling the prerequisites of running a trucking business, you can hit the read immediately!

No Shortage Of Jobs

The landscape of jobs has always been going through changes. But, in recent times, there is a shortage of jobs in even the most revered industries. Coming out of college with a degree in your hand isn't the guarantee of getting a job either. You have to pass through hoops if you are ever to land a job and make handsome money. However, you should know that there are some "Evergreen" industries, and the trucking industry is one of them. Trucking is the most reliable way of sending necessary food items and many other things that are used daily from one place to the other. You don't have to worry about the shortage of jobs if you join the trucking industry.

Making Good Money

Provided all the benefits of starting your own trucking company, you will never want to build one if you are unsure about How Much Money You Can Make in the Trucking Industry. Trucking does enable you to make good money, and there's no doubt about it. While there are some disagreements about how much you can make per year still, following the right advice and sticking to the appropriate business ethics can enable you to make more than other industries.