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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - SafetyPass Pro Big Rig Speed Governor Control System


Will the Safetypass work on my 2016 truck?

The SafetyPass Pro is recommended for 1992 -2012 trucks only. It may work to some degree on newer trucks but is not nearly as reliable and may cause error codes to be transmitted via Qual-comm or other communication service such Omnitrack ELD.

Will the truck computer or Qual Comm be able to tell how fast I'm driving?

If you have Qualcomm, Peoplenet, Omnitracs, ELD (E-Logs), GPS or other satellite or cell phone communication services then the answer is YES. If you do not have any of these services the answer is NO because the SafetyPass Pro controls all speed sensor data entering the ECM and speedometer. Therefore, downloading of the ECM data alone will only reveal device speed. In this case, a good rule-of-thumb is to know that the ECM only records what the speedometer is reading. You control the speedometer regardless of actual road speed.

How Do I Install The Speed Governor Control System?

Please watch the video of a typical installation below and/or navigate to this link for details: http://fastertruck.com/categories/SafetyPass-Pro/Installation-Guide/

I have a IXS Cummins 550 horse non egr engine. What accessories would I need?

You should have Metripack or Weatherpack connectors on your Cummins engine so the standard installation kit that comes with the control unit should be all you need... but, we have found that it is a good idea to visually inspect your speed sensor connectors that are located at the rear of the transmission on the output shaft because truck manufacturer's sometimes use alternate connectors that are not listed in the shop manuals in order to meet production quotas. The link below will show you where the speed sensors are located and allow you to compare your connectors with the ones shown here before ordering:  http://www.fastertruck.com/connectors.html

What do I need for a 2008 Kenworth with a c-15 Cat and a Eaton 10speed?

 You should have Metripack connectors on your 2008 Kenworth with a Cat so the standard installation kit that comes with each control unit should be all you need... but, we have found that it is a good idea to visually inspect your speed sensor connectors that are located at the rear of the transmission on the output shaft because truck manufacturer's sometimes use alternate connectors that are not listed in the shop manuals in order to meet production quotas. The link below will show you where the speed sensors are located and allow you to compare your connectors with the ones shown here before ordering:  http://www.fastertruck.com/connectors.html

I have a 2009 Freightliner Cascadia with a dd15. Is your device compatible with my engine?

If you have a 2009 - 2012 Cummins, Detroit, the device will work. Be sure to check your speed sensor connectors and compare with the ones shown here: http://www.fastertruck.com/connectors.html

Will it work on a Mack?

I would say your chances are 50/50. Mack engines have two potential problems, either one will cause the device not to work.

Problem #1. Speed Sensor Voltage. After connecting the device and if the speed sensor voltage is not exactly correct as produced by the device it will throw an error code and the speedometer will not work. If this happens, there are a few adjustments that we can make using the device controls and a special RCA adapter that comes with every device. We may be able to get it to work this way.

Problem #2. Speed Sensor Anti-Tamper System. If the voltage is correct and you don't get a code and speedometer works normally you could still have an anti-tamper system exclusive to Mack Engines, I call it "The Comparator". It compares the RPM of the engine to the Speed of the Vehicle. If you get out of range with either input, the ECM/ECU will throw a code a cut down to minimum RPM. Again, you may be able to adjust the device controls to compensate for the higher speed. Or you may have to be satisfied with only a 2% to 4% speed increase while staying within the tolerance range.

If you would like to try the device you will probably need a special adapter for the speed sensor connector on your Mack. You'll want to check for this connector on your truck before ordering. The item # is XM7MP280. You can see it here: http://fastertruck.com/products/MetriPack-280-Adapter-XM7MP280.html

Most Mack Trucks require this adapter cable. Also, you will need the XM7KT, which includes the control unit, main cable and adapter cable that fits most trucks, other than Mack. Order everything from the catalog. http://www.fastertruck.com/catalog.html

Does it work on Automatic Transmissions?

Yes, most of the time. The ones that worked had the speed sensor located on the tail shaft, just like standard transmissions and the connectors matched our installation kit. See connector and sensor locations here: http://www.fastertruck.com/connectors.html

Will my Cruise Control still work if I have the device hooked up and turned on?

Yes, When the device is used in dynamic mode (default setting) the cruise works great.

When the device is used in test mode (dip switches 6 & 7 ON) the cruise control no longer reacts to terrain, it will either keep your truck floored or nothing at all. Sometimes it will hold a steady speed for a short while but when the grade of the road changes it loses the set. However, the cruise will keep the truck floored in a stable manner if you choose. This comes in handy for climbing steep hills at slow speeds under 30 mph when the cruise would normally cut out. Sometimes this can be a handy feature when you are climbing a long, steep grade with a heavy load and your speed falls below 30-35mph where your cruise would normally cut-out. The device will allow full throttle cruise all the way down to 1 mph, and that's cool but not much good for long-haul on the freeway unless you need to keep the truck floored, then it works great.

Will this unit work on a DAF truck, its got a 16 speed ZF manual gearbox?

We have recently tested an Iveco truck with a German ZF Automatic transmission and it worked good. You do have to splice because the connectors are different but it's only one wire. Splicing instructions here:  http://fastertruck.com/categories/SafetyPass-Pro/Splicing-Instructions-German-ZF-Transmission/

I drive a Freightliner Argosy Cab-over with a Cummins Signature 520 HP at 2000 RPM with a RTLO 20918 B gearbox and Meritor RT 46-160 Diffs with 4.3 RATIO, will your installation kit fit my truck?

It is a good thing you asked because the Argosy cabover does require a longer installation cable for permanent installations, otherwise they are the same as most other trucks. For temporary installs use item #XM7KT. For permanent installs use XM7KT plus a 6' (1.8m) Extension Cable, Item XM7EC6. This will extend the Main Cable length to 18' (5.5m) which will be more than adequate for your vehicle. All items may be ordered from our catalog. Just use this link: http://www.fastertruck.com/catalog.html

Can I remove the device before I take the truck in for service? How long does it take?

You can remove the control unit only. It takes about 10 seconds. You can also remove the entire setup, including the installation harness, this takes 3 to 5 minutes. After removal the vehicle returns to "pre-installation" status, complete with computer speed limitation.

What's the best way to route wiring on permanent installations?

The best way to route the cables is to strap them to the existing wiring harness bundle. You will receive cable ties with your kit. Follow the existing wire bundle right along to the cab interior and use a cable tie every 2 feet (.7m) or so. There is usually an extra vacant hole in the firewall to provide entry to the cab interior or you can squeeze in along side the existing harness.

After cable installation, spray WD-40 on underside cables to achieve a more natural look. Within a week or two, not even the installer will be able tell which cable is which or that anything has been changed. If you really want to get crazy, then you can douse the entire top of the transmission and wire bundles with diesel fuel... This is a serious deterrent to prying eyes and not that unusual because if you have ever had a fuel line leak on the engine, as I have, then you will know that the entire transmission can be saturated very quickly.

At what point of the order process do we identify the connector types?

Connectors should be identified before you place your order. Use this link to see what connectors you must have on your vehicle to match our installation kit and where they are located.http://www.fastertruck.com/connectors.html Having the right connectors makes hook-up a snap.

I would like to know if you have a technique or something to increase the rpm? I would want that the rpm rise has 2300 instead of 2100, but it is blocked by the ecm.

There are 2 governors on your vehicle; one is for road speed, the other is for engine RPM. The SafetyPass Pro controls only the road speed governor. We do not have anything that will increase the engine RPM beyond the programmed maximum.

Will this work on a Volvo Truck with a Volvo engine?

If your model year is 1992 - 2012, Yes, it will.

Will this device allow a truck to also idle instead of shut down every 5 minutes or so?

If you switch the device to test mode (dip switches 6 & 7 ON), in most cases the device will allow the truck to idle forever. Also, the idle time is actually recorded by the truck computer as running time (driving time). This keeps the actual idle time that is recorded by the vehicle computer very low.

How fast can we get the unit if we order it today? We live in the U.S.

It usually takes 3 - 4 business days for U.S. delivery and 5-7 for Australia and other countries. We use USPS Priority mail and Express mail International. We ship within 24 hrs. on business days. Order here:  http://fastertruck.com/products/SafetyPass-Pro-Big-Rig-Truck-Speed-Governor-Calibrator-w-Installation-Kit-XM7KT.html