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Big Rig Speed Sensor Location


SafetyPass Pro Speed Governor Control Systems for Big Rigs OnlyBig-rig Speed Sensor Location - Connector Identification

We want you to be totally satisfied when you get your SafetyPass Pro from the mail carrier. Anything less, just will not work.
To make it easy, we ask our valued customers to check their vehicle's speed sensor connectors before ordering to make sure they match our installation kit connectors or one of the adapter cables we have available as seen below. Simple, Fast, Plug-N Play installation is what we're after.
Please compare your connectors below, then order here: SafetyPass Pro XM7KT
We support the following speed sensor connectors:

1. Weather-Pack connectors - Included with installation kit

Weather-Pack Connectors are used on most older, pre 2001, class 8 trucks, including kw, freightliner, volvo, international, peterbilt, etc.
Weather-Pack "in-line" connectors are commonly found on older (pre-2001) trucks, including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Volvo and others.
The Main Cable, Item# XM6MC is used for simple plug-in connections to Speed Sensor Connectors or to one of the Adapter Cables. The Main Cable is also used to interface with the SafetyPass Pro Control Unit. Can be installed Temporarily or Permanently. (Included with installation kit).
*Trucks with two sensors or two leads will need the Weather-Pack Y Adapter to gain visual feed-back from the speedometer during device operation.

2. Metri-Pack connectors - Included with installation kit

Metri-Pack Connectors fit most newer class 8 trucks 2002-2011 kw, freightliner, volvo, international, peterbilt and others.
Metri-Pack connectors are found mostly on 2001 and newer 2011 trucks including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Volvo, International, Peterbilt and others.
These Connectors plug directly in to the top of molded speed sensors. To hook up to the speed sensor connectors use the 12" Metri-Pack adapter (included with the installation kit).

3. Metri-Pack 280 connectors - Sold Separately

Metri-pack 280 connectors for Newer Mack Trucks after 2001. These connectors have also been found on some 2007 KW trucks. This is the alternate connector of choice for Kenworth truck manufacturers. Used approx. 1% of the time.
These connectors simply plug into the Speed Sensor Leads, at the rear of the transmission, similar to Weather-Pack connectors and in the same location. Sold Separately - see catalog

4. Deutsch connectors - Sold Separately

Deutsch Connectors - Older Pre 2001 International Trucks
Deutsch Connectors for older, pre 2001, International class 8 Trucks International (Navistar) Trucks.
These connectors simply plug in to the Speed Sensor Leads, similar to Weather-Pack connectors and in the same location. Use the Deutsch adapter to hook up to these connectors. Sold Separately - see catalog

Y Adapter Cables - for trucks with 2 speed sensors or sets of 2 leads - Available in Weather-Pack or Metri-pack styles - Sold Separately

This adapter is 12" long and has 1 Weather-Pack Tower and 2 Metri-Pack shrouds for simultaneous connection to the ECM and Speedometer. Keeps mileage in-sinc on the ECM odometer as well as the speedometer odometer. Enables visual feedback using the vehicle speedometer to determine device speed. Sold Separately - See Metri-pack Y Adapter
Deutsche DTM Adapter Kit XM7DTM

  • XM6DTM - Deutsch DTM Connectors
  • Accepts size 20 (7.5 amp) pins and sockets
  • For use with Main Cable (XM7MC).
  • 2014 Freightliner, Detroit Engine, Automatic Transmission use this connector. Possibly other 2014 models.
  • Plugs into vehicle speed sensor leads.
  • Rectangular, plastic housing

Deutsch Adapter Cable XM7DTM




German ZF Transmission Speed Sensor and Connector

The German ZF Transmission has a circular 4-pin speed sensor connector at the rear of the transmission.

This connector has 3 or 4 wires connected to it. We do not have a mating connector to plug into it. So, the only way is to splice into one wire from your system.


Weather-Pack Pigtails - Sold Separately

If your connectors are not listed here, but you have a compatible engine and transmission, you can splice in a set of Weather-Pack pigtails for a simple weather-tight connection. These connectors will connect to the Main Cable for easy plug-in hook up.
Weather-Pack Pigtails - 1 Set - includes Tower, Shroud with metal pins installed and butt connectors. Sold Separately - See catalog

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