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DOT CDL Physical Exam Location Toms River New Jersey Dr Scott Beck DC $140 Beck Wellness Center

Posted on 8th Jan 2018 @ 11:53 AM

Dr. Scott A. Beck - Ocean County - Tom's River, New Jersey.Family and Pediatric Chiropractic Care, Scientific Weight Loss Management and DOT Medical Exams, Beck Wellness Center in Tom's River, NJ. offers the most comprehensive and experienced care throughout Ocean County. As a National Registry Certified Medical Examiner, Dr. Beck is one of the few doctors in New Jersey certified to provide DOT medical examinations for drivers who hold a CDL license.

Dr. Beck is listed in the Fastertruck DOT Physical Locations Directory. http://fastertruck.com/pages/DOT-CDL-Physical-Exam-Locations-and-Forms-New-Jersey-P-Z.html

DOT Driver Exams: As part of our dedication to comprehensive patient care, Beck Wellness Center offers DOT exams for commercial driver’s licenses and physicals for drivers who don’t require a CDL but who haul enough weight to require a DOT exam.

Walk-ins and Appointments: To make things as convenient for you as possible, our DOT exams are appointment-free, and walk-ins are always 
welcome. However, you can also schedule an appointment to guarantee availability at a specific time.

Our team at Beck Wellness Center is Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certified medical examiner. They have been working with and examining drivers for years and understand how important it is that you pass your test. They also know how improved lifestyle choices and healthier habits can protect your livelihood, and he’ll be glad to discuss these options with you during your exam.