Speed Limiters and Lack of Safety
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Speed Limiters and Lack of Safety

Posted on 19th Feb 2011 @ 8:01 PM

Speed Limiters are not about Safety or the Environment as the Ontario Trucking Association, Road Safe America and the American Trucking Association claim.

These Government Lobbyist Organizations represent the largest trucking concerns in Canada and the United States.

Their primary goal: To increase profits and decrease competition in the trucking industry. This is the only logical reason speed limiters are being promoted for future legislation in the USA.

Here's a video of OOIDA Life Member, Ed Wesselius of Guelph, Ontario explaining why speed governors are actually more dangerous and create added driver stress, fatigue, and frequent incidents of road rage against the driver's. The volume is low, crank up your speaker's. Speed Limiters and Lack of Safety

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