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News Feed Updated Big Rig Truck Accidents Crashes Wrecks

Posted on 13th Aug 2012 @ 11:05 AM

Truck Accident News Blog Published by FasterTruck.comFasterTruck now Publishing a Big Rig Truck Accident Reports News Blog. Frequently updated with World Wide News coverage from local sources. Always the latest big truck accident News and Crash Reports. This News Blog Provides Recent Truck Accident News Reports Worldwide. Updated frequently to bring you the latest news from local sources. Here are some of the leading causes of accidents: Distracted Drivers, Rear End Truck Collisions, Left Turn Violations, Running Red Lights and Stop Signs, Drunk Drivers, Big Truck Roll-Overs and Unsafe Lane Changes. Most all of these accidents have one thing in common, One or more drivers violated One Safe Driving Rule; "Failure to Look Ahead as Far as You Can See When Driving" or "failure to pay attention to their driving". Don't become a statistic by following their example. Use this simple safe driving that professional driver's know a trust. This is THE NUMBER ONE SAFE DRIVING RULE FOR TRUCKERS. When this rule is violated, disastorous consequences can result. You'll see many of these unfortunate drivers as look through the Crash Reports. This truck accident news blog is part of the Truckers News Feed Published by FasterTruck.com