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Ontario highway 24hr safety blitz targets truckers

Posted on 16th Aug 2010 @ 11:35 AM

OPP Safety Blitz Targets Commercial Vehicles
“Trucks are supposed to have speed limiters on them, so that's another thing we'll be looking for,” he added. The Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of ...
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ONTARIO CANADA - AUG 18 2010 — Truck drivers will be the target of a safety blitz today as the Ontario Provincal Police (OPP) attempt to crack down on aggressive motorists. Read More about here: http://news.therecord.com/News/Local/article/762528

The will be checking speed governor settings on semi-trucks and big-rigs. Speed Limiters must be set at 65mph, 105kph, or lower. $250.00 fines will be issued.

The device to the right is know as an EZ-Tap, a hand held ECM/ECU Data extractor that is plugged into the truck computer. Data is downloaded into the device and plugged into a laptop computer where speed governor settings are analyzed.