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New DOT CDL Physical Exam Location West Palm Beach Florida Chiropractic Clinics of South Florida Dr Michael Gerber DC CME $75

Posted on 4th May 2018 @ 10:11 AM

Chiropractic Clinics of South FloridaNew DOT CDL Physical Exam Location -  West Palm Beach, Florida - Chiropractic Clinics of South Florida - Dr. Michael Gerber DC CME $75.00

Dr. Gerber, an area chiropractor for 20 years, offers comprehensive DOT Federal Highway Administration physicals for commercial driver license (CDL) holders in our North Palm Beach chiropractic center.

The physicals required by commercial transport companies are not the kind performed in every medical clinic. Dr. Gerber is an approved provider of DOT physicals in North Palm Beach. Patients are treated with attention to detail, in a comfortable setting, where their questions can be answered. The level of care is extremely high, with patient satisfaction in mind.

Dr. Gerber is listed in the Fastertruck DOT CDL Physical Exam Directory: fastertruck.com/pages/DOT-CDL-Physical-Exam-Locations Forms-Florida-Q-Z.html