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PA Truck Inspection Sting Nets 1066 Big Rig Citations

Posted on 10th Nov 2010 @ 12:45 PM

11/10/2010 - Fastertruck.com Editorial

pa-state-trooper-police-car.jpgpa-state-trooper-shoulder-patch.jpgLate last month Pennsylvania State Police truck inspectors focused their attention on Commercial Trucks hauling as support for Marcellus Shale Natural Gas operations. State Police inspected a total of 1,175 trucks. 1,066 tickets were written, 207 trucks were placed out of service for mechanical safety violations and 52 truck drivers were also removed from service. The most common problems involved unsecured loads and inoperable vehicle lights, marker lamps, hours of service violations and failure to wear seat belts.

The projected $5 billion dollar deficit Pennsylvania faces in 2011 has prompted the state to create more revenue from traffic operations. Commercial vehicle inspections can be expected to increase across the state as they realize the enormous profit potential from truck and truck driver inspection stings.

Also of concern to truck drivers will be increased scrutiny on speeding trucks. You can expect law enforcement to target truckers at every opportunity, as California has done for the past 20 years.

Truck drivers should protect themselves and their wallets by making sure their big trucks are in good working order to pass truck inspections without violations. Log books should be kept current and accurate, seat belts worn, safe driving rules adhered to and, in general, keep a low profile. "Total Stealth" is the word of the day.

Drivers can be aware of upcoming sting operations and speed traps on the highway by investing in a good police scanner. A Police scanner is an essential tool for most veteran truck drivers and owner operators. Also, drivers should follow safe driving rules at all times, try to blend in and go un-noticed by police.  Drivers can also Learn the latest techniques for avoiding speeding tickets at this excellent blog.It show how to do it in an effective, real-world, manner. http://avoidspeedingticketsnow.blogspot.com/2010_06_13_archive.html