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Big Rig Truck Wasatch Mountains Utah USATrucking Video Playlists compiled from youtube. Features Trucks and Truck Drivers from around the world.

Includes the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, France and other countries.

There are several Video Playlists – Some contain many videos, over 20, others only a few. Once the first video is started it will continue to play all videos in the chosen playlist. Click your playlist choice below.

Big Rig Truck Wrecks Crashes Accidents

EXTREME Big Rig Truck Wrecks Crashes Accidents

Big Rigs, Semi-Trucks, 18-Wheelers, Extreme Crashes, Rollover Accidents, Police Chases, Trucks vs Train Wreck Videos, truck vs car, truck vs overpass.

Trucker Training Videos

 Big-Rig Trucker Training Videos

Learn how to shift 10-speed through 18-speed manual transmissions. See How to backup into narrow docks, How to handle truck tire blowouts and how to drive in traffic. Find out what Truck Driving Jobs are really like, the good and the bad.

 How Dangerous are Big-Rig Speed Limiters?

Perils of Speed Limiters in Big Rig Trucks Videos

See the dangerous effects of Speed Limiters that large trucking companies Don’t want you to know about. Truck Driver’s know how speed governors work in the “Real World”. Very Revealing.

 Big Truck Tire Chains Installation Tips for Truckers Videos

Videos – Chain Up A Big Rig

Learn from an experienced, professional, Trucker. Just How Do You Chain Up a Big Rig 18 Wheeler?… Veteran Truckers Show you how. When you have to chain-up going over Donner Pass, it’s good to know how put chains on your truck. Truckers call it “hanging Iron”.

Custom Big-Rig Trucks Video Slideshow w/ Music

Custom Big Rig Truck Pictures

Video Slideshow with Music. See some of the most unique Class 8 Custom Trucks and Truck Engines, like a 24 Cylinder Detroit Motor that puts out over 3,400 Horsepower, Ungodly!

 Big-Rig Road-Train Videos

Road Train Videos

Videos of Road Trains. The most efficient way to move large amounts of freight over long distances where Railroads Fear to Tread. See Road Trains in Action from countries including Australia, Canada, USA and Mexico. Includes Triples, Turnpike Doubles, B-doubles.

 Global Trucker's Videos - Playlist

Global Truckers Videos

Meet Truck Drivers from around the world. Watch them Driving their trucks and doing their jobs. These are the people that make the world go around. See some beautiful scenery and experience some interesting situations that truckers get involved in. Learn what being a trucker is all about.


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