Trucker Training Videos Shifting Big Rigs


9-speed Eaton Shift Pattern. Truck Driver Training Videos Shifting.Watch and Learn From Professional, Experienced Truck Drivers as they show you How To Shift Big-Rig Truck Transmissions.

9, 10, 13, 15 and 18-Speed Truck-Transmissions are covered in these tutorial-videos. Pro-Truckers show you How and When to Shift.

Automated playlist, 10 or more Tutorial Videos. Very Educational. Click play, kick back, enjoy as the videos play one after the other.

Many Professional Drivers do not use the clutch unless they are starting or stopping their vehicle.

Once rolling, they never touch the clutch again. The Key to smooth shifting is in Throttle-Pedal-Control. Videos show you foot-feed actions during shifting without the clutch.

Shifting-Without-The-Clutch is an ADVANCED TECHNIQUE used by most veteran truck drivers.

Shifting Smoothly, without the clutch is a skill developed over many years of practice and is Not recommended for beginners because Severe Transmission Damage can occur if not done properly.

New drivers would best begin by learning to double-clutch.

Double-Clutching is also required by many major trucking companies during the road-test portion of the truck-driver-hiring-process.

See Also, Backing Up A Big-Rig.

Learn from Veteran, Professional Truck Drivers How to Backup Big Rig Trucks Training Videos.



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