Perils of Speed Limiters in Big Rig Trucks Videos


Peril of Big Rig Speed GovernorsHow Professional Truck Drivers Know Speed Limiters In Commercial Trucks Are Dangerous to Public Safety.


Trucking Companies that have large fleets of big rig trucks install speed governors to control costs. Speed governors limit the maximum, top speed of the vehicle in order to maximize fuel savings and expand company earnings.

When Truck Speed Limiters Are Set Too Slow They Become Dangerous.

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck behind a truck driver while he or she (there are a lot of women truck drivers) is trying to pass another truck on the freeway and both of their truck speed governors are set at very nearly the same top speed.

It can take as long as ten minutes to complete a pass. So you have two 40 ton big-rigs traveling beside each other at freeway speeds for an extended period of time.

Meanwhile, faster traffic is stacking up behind the trucks creating a dangerously close proximity between vehicles.

The truck driver desperately tries to complete the pass as a Powder Keg of Road Rage is developing behind them.

The truck driver knows a potential Road Rage situation is brewing but they are Helpless because the speed governor is un-yielding and will not provide even 1 mph more… A faster truck would be welcome here because this is a very uncomfortable situation for everyone on the highway.

The captured traffic to the rear doesn’t understand that the truck’s speed limit has been reduced by a computerized road speed governor (that is programmed by the trucking company) and the truck driver is powerless to go any faster. The passing truck driver just has to hold their foot to the floor, take the abuse, and hope for the best.

Worn Truck Tires Slow Down Speed Limiters Even More

Truck tires have approx. one inch tread depth when new. When they get worn down, the diameter of the tire decreases. This can result in a 4% decrease in truck speed.

If a speed governor is set at 65mph, a truck with bald tires will have a top speed of only 62.4mph. This also causes speedometer error as the speedometer is still reading 65mph.

Also, more miles are recorded on the odometer and ECM than are actually being driven. Thus shortening the truck manufacturers warranty by 2 to 4%. A 500,000 mile truck warranty may run out at only 480,000 actual miles.

The driver will also endure an increased risk of accidents and road rage from motorists who just want to do the speed limit but are frustrated by the rolling roadblock ahead.

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