CDL Drivers DOT Medical Exam Form Certificate MCSA 5875 pdf

Updated July 11, 2016.

New CDL Drivers DOT Medical Exam Form, MCSA-5875, and CDL Medical Card Certificate, MCSA-5876, on page 9. This form is mandatory after April 16, 2016 for all DOT CDL Physicals and replaces the old form 649f. Includes Instructions to Physician, Minimum Requirements, Physical Qualifications and CDL Medical Certificate for Commercial Drivers. PDF format. Free to Print or Download. Get Adobe Reader Here

Under current regulations, If the medical examiner determines that the driver is fit to drive and is also able to perform non-driving responsibilities as may be required, the medical examiner signs the medical certificate. The certificate (page 9) is valid for two years, unless the driver has a medical condition that does not prohibit driving but does require more frequent monitoring. In such situations, the medical certificate should be issued for a shorter length of time. The physical examination should be done carefully and at least as complete as is indicated by the attached form.

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